Golden Dragon


The Nature of Dragons

The Tao is a softly lucent ocean of pure void, a pearly mist, boundless, immaculate. Born of this ocean, two dragons sport entwined- the male, bright as the sun with fiery golden scales, master of activity; the female, radiant as the moon with shining silver scales, adept at passivity. Their intercourse brings forth rhythms of cyclic change the movements of the planets, the progression of the seasons, the alternation of day and night. From their sport proceed five shining vapours- blue, red and yellow, white and black- which, swirling, overshadowing, contending, intermingling, give to heaven its roundness, to earth its squareness, to the myriad objects their transitory shapes. From heaven pour forth like rain three cloud-like essences of yang; from earth arise like mist three essences of yin; these meet and intermingle. Thus has it been since heaven and earth were formed. Such is the original perfection.

Taoism The Road To Immortality. John Blofeld

Shambhala Publications, 1978


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Taoism: The Road To Immortality


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